My name is Greg McKillop and Speaker For The Dead is my solo project. Sometimes I play by myself. Sometimes I play with longtime friends. Sometimes I play with people who I met 5 minutes ago. The point is, if I could I would play music of every second of every day for anyone who would ever listen.

  I recently figured out that I Can.

I recently decided to skip out on a real life, pack a bag of clothes and take my guitar with me on the road forever, or as long as forever will take me. I have released 3 albums by myself (recorded on the road, at shows, on iphones and random computers and all over the place) and have recently put all three up for free download. If you like what you hear, please donate however much you want to help pay for more CD's to be made, food, gas to get to the next gig, there are a million things money can be used for. I put my music up for free because I recognize not everyone has access to a bank account or debit card (I didn't for the longest time) and not everyone lives near where I tour to pick up a CD at a show. So please enjoy my music. If you do download it and can't afford to donate, all I ask is that you burn a copy and show it to someone who you think will enjoy it. Please ignore the empty "upcoming shows" box, and check out the "TourDates" tab to see where I am playing next! Everything I do is DIY and I try to spread the word about how easy and amazing it is to release your own music without the help of anyone else but your friends and those who love you and what you bring to the world.

Have a nice day!


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