Oct 30th 2010

Tour so far has been amazing (but costly, if you have downloaded my songs for free please consider donating. Click here, its wicked easy) I will have an update with videos and stuff once I have time to upload them. Houghton, MI was a great little town on the border of Canada (I think), and we played at a Poetry circle in Chicago with a group of really awesome and supportive readers. Last night we played Bloomington IN at my favorite venue (Rhino's!) and everything has been amazing. I am going to make a post soon about bands you should check out to have more wonderfull listening material!

I AM COMING BACK NOV 7TH AND 8TH Since people have been asking, these are the two days I am back in New England! Nov 7th I am playing THE MIDDLE EAST. Originally this show was cancelled due to booking problems but we got it back! I haven't had much luck in Boston in the past so please come out so that the venue doesn't hate me and I am allowed to book again! The bill is entirely made up of my friends so you should check out the facebook event HERE. (later that night I am playing a special ninja gig somewhere in Providence, at 11pm at night. Want to keep up with where I am gonna be? Keep up HERE)

Nov 8th QVCC FLEA MARKET?!?!?! (click the link above for info, or click HERE. ) This is not an event I am playing music at, but something I am going to be running around organizing. It is a flea market with an open mic at the QVCC, headlined by Evan Greer. If you are interested in having a table to sell/showcase/giveaway your art/homemade stuff/t shirts/tarot card readings/other junk, it is a 10-20 dollar sliding scale to have a table/spot. If you just want to go to enjoy yourself, it is a 1-10 dollar sliding scale. Open mic! Open Discussion! Check it out!

And then I am off again so come to these events if you want to hang out! Please if you live in  Boston come to the Middle East show so I don't lose faith in the city completely.

total overhaul of my web presence to come soon!


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