Oct 26th 2009

Unfourtunatly, I do not have any fancy pictures or videos to post, because Verizon is under the impression I need wireless to upload everything. And even then its spotty. But, I have stories. So.....

Rochester was amazing. We showed up at The LoveinCup and the atmosphere was great. We ended up opening for a comedy contest show, and the crowd was really generous. We even got a visit by friends of friends who were home, and this lead me to believe that Liz Swenson is really some sort of angelic fairy creature. Based on this event, we finally figured out a name for our tour. The "Parachutes" Tour. On a similar note, upon getting to Grand Rapids we were offered to record a split EP with James Shotwell of UTG. So now we are currently in sir Shotwell's living room, I just layed down 2 new tracks and 1 REALLY old song I haven't played in years. The "Parachutes" EP will probably be out in about a week.

On another note, recently I have been exploring some of the songs I wrote earlier in my "career" and I don't hate them so much anymore. Or I learned how to play, or something. Anyways, probably only 5 people will be pleasantly surprised by the older song I recorded but I will be happy to make them happy :)

Also, to all the kids who couldn't make it to the show last night, I am returning to Rochester to The Boulder Cafe on Nov 21st, so you have another chance! Or rather, its more like I have another chance to play for you, so please grant me it!


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