Oct 25th 2010

and so our journey begins.

Roughly a month or more ago, I had a conversation with Dave Magario which ended in the decision to tour to Michigan and back. Fast Forward to now, a few vehicle changes and album/tshirt releases/getting out stuff together later, and we are on the road. After a rather hectic morning we got to Goodbye Blue Monday and played a set with a lot of really awesome bands. My favorite of the bunch was  Me and My Arrow, a band from MN (actually all the bands were from there, somehow). Ok, actually, Me and My Arrow was actually made up of members of every other band on the bill, who somehow converged on tour to play this one show all together, and still brought tons of people. It was a pretty amazing sight to see.

Also, they share a name with one of my favorite movies from when I was a kid, called "The Point". Look it up, kids movies used to be deep. I guess they still are, because movies like "Up" are still considered to be kids movies, and "Up" had some pretty meaningful contexts.

So we stayed with new friends (Daves sister) Theresa and Hugo, two amazing artists from Brooklyn and had a great time walking around the city. Its kind of nice actually taking time to check out what the places I am playing looks like. These two super impress me because they are working artists...and wicked talented. Check out their work  here and here

Oh, and I beat Dave at everything:

Tonight! We are off to Rochester, NY, which I am thrilled about because I have not been there in a little bit, and people actually listen to my music there!


ps- hopefully I get some videos of Dave playing and Me and My Arrow before tomorrow, so I can get caught up!

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