Oct 24th 2010

So I will make a tour update soon, I am just trying to get caught up on uploading videos from my phone and its verrrrry sloooowww.

In the meantime, there are some things you should CHECK OUT while I am gone. The first of these is a monday night Poetry show called The Dirty Gerund. Its a great show that includes a poetry open mic that is backed by an improv band, a feature, guest hosts, game shows, pretty much everything. Heres a video:


It is at Ralphs every single monday, and is one of my favorite places to be all week in worcester. My buddy Shane Hall (who also has a radio interview on Blog Talk Radio tonight) is returning tonight to the Gerund to bring some rock!

If you hang out with me and my friends at the Gerund, this is what you will eventually encounter:

As the video suggests, through foot and head rubs the Gerund has convinced Shane Hall to return this monday night! So go support the show!

Also, go check out The Fuck Yeah Center, a really cool junk/punk/skateshop/thriftstore/awesome place in general. I played a really fun last minute solo show there before leaving, and it was great. Also, I have left a bunch of Speaker For The Dead t shirts and CD's at the store if you want to pick some up:

Cds are: pay what you want

Tshirts are: $10 give or take a little.

so go check out the Fuck Yeah Center at 420 Pleasant Street, Worcester for all your SFTD/book/thrift store/patches/pins/other junk needs!

(I promise a more hefty post will come when I have time to post one and when these stupid videos get posted)