Oct 18th 2010

Sorry Boston, I think we're through.

I've been playing shows for at least ten years now and I always thought I knew the deal: you have to work as hard as you can on each and every show to get as many friends/fans/random people to show up and either like you or pretend to like you as you can. I figured, yeah this is a job you have to pull teeth.

All this time I realized I was wrong. After touring to different parts of the country and seeing how (much better) other scenes operate, it makes me realize that boston just sucks. To a lesser degree, the rest of mass does too, but mostly boston.

Boston has become little more than an empty bar you play cause it used to be famous, and itl look good on your resume.

Now I have thought to myself: greg, everyone thinks where they come from sucks. But its hard to say Bloomington IN sucks when every time I have played Rhinos its been packed for no particular reason, when in the past two weeks in Providence I have brought more people to shows than in 5 years of trying to figure out where I fit in with the vneck infested waters of massachusetts.

I was going to give the middle east in cambridge one more go in november, but they decided the last show I did didn't pack enough people in so they pulled the plug. So sorry to the ten people in boston who care, but I think I am through. If the lot of you want to get together and have dinner, invite me, I will play you songs. As for worcester, I am coming back December ninth to the Raven, so please come out to the show and prove me wrong.

To everyone in other states, thanks for showing me playing music can actually be fun.

I now have THREE albums online for free download. Get them at www.speakerforthedead.bandcamp.com for the next week for free, than I will be upping them back to 3 bucks.

If you have paypal and like the money, you can choose to pay for the cds by sending any amount you want to mckillop.gregory@gmail.com


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