Oct 10th 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates guys!

This is me basically everywhere I go:

The trip to NY was pretty long. No matter how many times we touring musicians try to think otherwise, the trip to other states ALWAYS takes 6-8 hours. No matter how early you leave, no matter how well you plan, something will happen that destroys all those plans. However, despite a few van troubles, and columbus day weekend traffic, we made it to the super secret loft where Amanda Palmer was putting together a show. Despite us being late (and holding up the whole process of setting up, rehearsing, all that jazz) her staff was extremely nice and awesome to us. These two folks from Kentucky who were stage managing (Kate) and running sound (Eric) were the best. Eric is in a 8 or 9 piece carnival punk band called Ford Theatre, and I

totally can't wait to get out there to play with them (OCT 29th!!!!!)

Above is the opener of said webcast (as well as a performer in an amazing show we got to play the day after) by the name of Zoe Boekbinder. She is amazing. There isn't really a way to describe her music (or I am just not versed in culture enough to do it well) but she uses loop pedals and is wicked good at guitar, and looks like Elvis and James Dean. Do I need anything else? no. She also played with us the next day at Goodbye Blue Monday, and her and everyone involved with her is amazing. GBM is also probably the best place I have ever played in Brooklyn, and I will be there next week on tuesday (Oct 19th)

Other (amazing) performers from the night included: A pop diva/cabaret wielding jazz lounge artist with a voice that attacks you by the name of Meow Meow, and an amazing performance by Bitter Ruin, a dramatic acoustic duo that I really can't explain how great their stage performance is. Go look up a youtube video. Actually, to make things easier for you, I will just find one for you.





Seeing Amanda Palmer play was somewhat like a musical pilgrimage. I have been doing radio interviews lately where whoever it is asks me who my influences are. And I know people say I sound like Deathcab for Cutie and Neutral Milk Hotel, but last weekend in Brooklyn I rediscovered that Amanda is a huge influence on me and I never even knew it. A lot of songs she played I could see traces and origins on where some of my songs came from. I used to have her music on my (insert player here) all the time, and I really need to make that happen again. I always knew she was who I wanted to be promotionally and she has an amazing connection with all of her fans, but. Yeah. It was awesome.

So Sunday Oct 17th is my official tour kickoff, and I am actually playing two shows that day.

for my BOSTON friends, you can go see me play at the MIDDLE EAST, which runs from 1-5. You can find all of the info on the facebook event HERE.

for my PROVIDENCE/RI friends, I will be jetting over to CLUB HELL, show starts at 7pm and I am opening. All the info can be found HERE.

I have tickets for both shows so please get in touch with me and go to either one based on your location/desire/when you get out of work!

A few reminders on how to stay in touch:

I have a Facebook Fan Page which I update fairly regularly, and it is connected to my Twitter (@greg_fordead).

Also, I did not end up going into the studio, however, I found ways to record on my own and will be putting out a new CD next week. I could really use the funds to make CD's and such (seriously, 60 bucks makes me 300 cds, so your $3-$5 dollar contribution REALLY DOES mean something) and my two previous albums are still up for sale online for 2.99:


Bandcamp has an option for donating more if you want, so if you happen to have an extra buck between paying rent/car insurance/food/phone bill/whatever, please help out. A dollar essentially pays for 2 cds to be made. Hope to see you all out on Sunday and after!


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