Nov 22nd 2010

Wow, what a leg of touring this has turned out to be.

Seriously, I am pretty sure this has been the most enjoyable string of dates in my life. Dallas Higgins of Foredoes Me Quite is really tearing it up too. We got some videos coming up of us performing if we ever get to sit down and upload them. Holy crap, there has been no time. Too much fun. I mean, I flew a kite last night at midnight. Life is pretty amazing.

After some serious car troubles (there always are), we missed our first date (sorry D.C.) and headed out to Philly, and missed that date too. However, we still got to hang out with all the kids who were gonna come to that date, so it was still really really awesome. (more on those kids later)

Friday we headed out to an impromptu gig at Goodbye Blue Monday, which is an amazing place in Brooklyn on Broadway. I have played there several times, and never ever had a bad experience. The owner, Steve, is a really pleasant guy and real easy to book with. A couple came in and one of them was originally from Sterling (near Worcester) so I made their second date a bit more memorable, which I am not sure if that turned out to help or not. Hopefully you two come out to another show so I can find out!

Saturday was pretty much the turning point. Arcadia College has one of the best crowds of students. Quiet, apreciative of everyone, and very supportive. Dallas and I didn't quite know what to expect, but the place blew us away. Special thanks to Julia, Matt, and Becky for making our time so awesome. We played with two great bands by the names of Kite Party (cool post rock-ey-sort of stuff) and The Pleasure. I also got to see a great lady by the name of Erin Cornely (who I get to play with when I return to on Dec 6th @ The Chat! Check it out if your in the area!)

After a night of hanging out with gracious hosts who we already missed as soon as we left their door, we jumped in the car and drove 7 hours to Rochester, NY. There is a place there called The Boulder Coffee Co. I showed up and realized I had played here a year or two before! It was a great realization because I realized that it was, once again, going to be a great night. We played with Shelby and Carly and Never Going Home, who both did acoustic sets. I felt really good about this night. 

Than (through the magic of friendships and the internet) my friend back home Laura sent out a call for a place to sleep for us. Her friend Ana answered the call and showed us an amazing time around Rochester. We ate Garbage Plates (a Rochester Diner Specialty including burgers, sausages, fries, and macaroni) went to a great punk show, and flew kites. Flew Kites? What? Ana and her friends all circulate in houses that run shows, so I am hoping to come back here as often as possible to hug them, because they are all amazing.

Tonight we are off to NYC for our second to last tour stop and then CT. We are playing tonight at Angels and Kings in NYC, so if you want to come by, COME ON BY!


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