Nov 1st 2010

Today and yesterday have been kind of down days for me. Sir Magario is out busking trying to make some cash while I get some internet stuff done (a few days ago the situation was reversed and I played for 5 hours on the streets of bloomington, IN. Pretty Great Experiance, hope he is doing just as well).

Yesterday since we had an off day and it was on the way, we stopped into Nashville. I believe I have to go there again sometime, because I did not really get a really great time. We walked down this long road to an area full of bars all with cover felt kind of similar to those "old west" areas in Six Flags. It was a sunday on halloween so there just were not many people walking around.

We went down to The Commodore to play at an open mic, but because it was a big halloween deal there were tons of regulars who took precedent to us, and it would have been midnight or 1am till we would have gotten to play. Since we had a drive to North Carolina to do, we decided to make some new merch and get some of the random free buffalo chicken (makes any trip worth anything), and then bounce. 

Hopefully next time I am there I have better luck.

So tonight we are in Asheville, NC. Dave's family put us up for the night and we have new merch. I was finally able to update my website and tourschedule (to a point) and tell people on myspace that I never use it, and that they should come here. So take a look around, its pretty nifty.

Tomorrow we are playing in Myrtle Beach, SC, which should be pretty awesome. I am stoked to be on the way back to New England to see friends back home, even if just for a week before I head back out with Dallas Higgins of Foredoes Me Quite.



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