Nov 17th 2010

First step towards being a touring musician:

1) always assume everything will go wrong, and don't let it bother you when it does, and look for other avenues to get you to where your going to make every day worth it in some way.

(I am more typing this to myself than to anyone else)

I get a lot of questions from people in bands asking me how they can up their game on promotion/booking/should get they a manager/should we get signed? etc.

First off, I think I am the LAST person to answer that kind of question. I have a really long way to go to be anywhere near a succesfull musician. But overall I think everyone should do everything they can to learn how to manage themselves.

And this doesnt mean get someone to do it for you and figure out how they do it, I mean jump in head first to learning how to do the business end of things. Really, the only different between someone who "sucks" at booking and someone "who is awesome" at booking is the amount of people they know/how long they have been doing it. Anyone can get into doing any of this stuff if you put the time and effort in. And if you dont put the time and effort in you need to change that, or if you claim to be "too lazy" you should reasses your priorities.Being in a band full time isnt for everyone. Maybe your one of these people.

But really. Spend 4 hours on the computer sending emails and see how much better it works out than putting up a random facebook status asking if anyone books shows. Go to shows and meet the people running them and the bands they book and their fans (some of whom probably book shows themselves). Anytime someone introduces themselves as going to x,y, or z college in the first 2 minutes of meeting them, that probably means they work for the school somehow and can get you a show there. Everyone books shows these days. Just be nice to them and keep in touch and they will probably hook you up.

The days of the record label are falling fast. Theres no need for management, because really, you can do it all yourself. If you have a close friend who you know is hardworking, yea give them a shot. But most people who dont get paid put things on the backburner to things like...working a job and getting paid. And most likely you dont have the money to pay someone.

So just do the work yourself! Its rewarding to actually have an idea of where you are playing in the next month! Believe me its true!

On Another Note

I am not releasing a new CD in December. I might be releasing a split with Dave Magario that we recorded while we were on tour, but I need to get those tracks back first. But unfourtunatly, I was not able to get what I wanted done last week while I was recording. The tracks came out really weird and I am not quite ready to put out my "hey look at me I am wicked experimental and trippy" album yet. But I saved the tracks and am keeping them and maybe sometime in the future they will see the light of day.

And I am not going to talk about releases at all. Sometime in the future you will happen across my Bandcamp page and lo and behold there will be a new album.

If somebody wouldn't mind coming out with more websites that work like Kickstarter, so that it will become more than just a trend and will still be around when I am ready to make use of it, that would be great.

(please let me know if you would like me to come play in your house for your friends and maybe we can have dinner. I am tired of playing venues and want to take a break for awhile)

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