Nov 11th 2010

I am super exhausted.

Haha, I just looked back at my last blog entry, which started with the same thing. I can't be tired yet I just started doing this! 

Anyways, the last gig of the Dave Magario tour (went splendid, thanks for asking!) was at Arcadia College. Ill talk more about Arcadia College (south of philly) when I return there in a week or two, cause the awesome folks there deserve an entire blog entry all to themselves!

Anyways, got back to New England and hopped in the car with Dan and Corey from The Fierce Urgency of Now. Iv mentioned them before, your going to want to look them up. They are doing a really great fusion of folk and I guess post hardcore, but in a totally different way than anyone else is. Ok I am sure someone is doing this, or I have missed some major influence they have that is a huge mark on the industry, but either way, they are great guys. I hit up a few shows with them and enjoyed New Hampshire and Maine. We played a sweet little spot north of Brunswick for a rather large folk crowd, and they went over great. I got to hang out with my dad (who I am hanging out with now, more on that later) as well!

(insert here complaining about the middle east, even though it was a great show and I had fun hanging out with bands who I hadnt seen in 2-3 weeks, good times!)

Yesterday was the Flea Market in Worcester, and my hometown friends did not let me down. We had a great time, and Evan Greer came through, and also did a set at the Gerund. Evan can take any crowd and do whatever Evan wants with them, so check out


Yup, I am recording. Using a hodge podge of different equiptment and the help of friends from Maine, New Hampshire, and Western MA, I am trying to put out an album which I hope is a tad more elaborate than my last 3. Still not a huge improvement, and I am still skeptic as to how its shaping. Its half new songs, half old songs, half songs that are old that I never play out anymore, half whatever else you want. I really can't figure out if its going to be a folk album, or a cd full of fuzzy/dreamy rock ballads, or something crazier than that.

I AM, however, really excited about it, no matter how it turns out because it means a lot of different things.

a) since I am getting it done at a pretty ok pace, that means I will have a CD to release on Dec 9th at The Raven and Dec 10th at the Firehouse in Worcester and Providence!

b) After putting out this album, I will be entirely caught up on all the older music I have written!

c) Why NOT be excited about releasing another CD?

but seriously, (b) is important. I have been looking forward to getting caught up on older songs and getting them out there because I really want to write an album that is written all in a row. Nothing neccesarily conceptual, or anything crazy like that, but I want to sit down and just write a bunch of stuff from scratch to see what comes out, without being influenced by having to fit other songs I wrote a year ago. 

Super stoked!


Also, please remember to keep up with the TOURDATES section of my site so that you can find out when I am coming near you! I have two great tours with Foredoes Me Quite and Sounds Like Funeral Music. We are missing an odd date or two here or there, so please help us out if you can!

And download my music! its FREE!


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