Jan 11th, 2011

Its totally been a month since my last blog post. I have been busy working on my new album, I really want to avoid releasing a CD until I have something that is really good quality for you all! In the meantime I have my 4 releases out (yeah, I released a 3 song Live EP on Christmas day!) Check out "Grandmothers and Mothers and Brothers EP" @ www.speakerforthedead.bandcamp.com!


Anyways, the real point of this post: 


Monday nights- THE DIRTY GERUND POETRY SHOW @ Ralphs Diner

this is a really awesome Poetry show on monday nights. Its a bar, so its 21+ (sorry kids). Tired of snooty poetry shows where everyone snubs their noses at you cause you dont know who walt whitman is? (I dont know either) Well this is the place for you. Its a Poetry Open Mic backed by an improv jazz/blues/noise/punk?/other band, poetry features, musical guest spotlights, a POETRY SLAM and a visual artist who paints/draws/scults/whatever while the whole show is going on. Its free, but we pass a bucket so that everything can get paid for. Seriously guys, awesome show! Check it out every monday night at 9pm! www.dirtygerund.com. The mastermind behind this is none other than ALEX CHARALAMBIDES, who I had the honor of touring with a few months ago. 

For those of you under 21, Alex also heads the Worcester Youth Slam, get involved HERE

Tuesday nights- English Club Open Mic @ 29 Camp Street, Worcester, MA

This week is this open mics third show of the series, and its been going great. Great crowds, great space, great performers! Also, for some weird reason due to the universe being awesome you can TOTALLY SMOKE BUTTS INSIDE?! I know for some of you that might be weird, but for those of you who smoke that is like some weird godsend. Anyways, 8pm on tuesday nights is when this goes down, and its hosted by none other than DAVE ANTHONY of Worcester Pop Punk band NEMES


THE RAVEN has a lot of really great shows going on so make sure to check them out every friday or saturday at 258 Pleasant Street, Worcester ma, or see the schedule HERE. Wanna play there? email me at mckillop.gregory@gmail.com and I will set you up with a show there! WICKED EASY!

TOUR PLANS WILL BE RELEASED SOON, HOWEVER my last weekend in Worcester involves some pretty awesome shows!

Friday Jan 21st- Folk Market #2- This is an all ages open mic oriented event. 1-10 dollars sliding scale to get in/perform on the open mic, and a 10-20 dollar sliding scale to have a vendor table to sell your art/homemade art/junk/books/used clothing/tarot card readings/whatever. I will be running an open mic and then playing a little bit of a longer set at the end. If anyone has no idea about running shows and wants to get into it, I will have little brochures with step by step procedures to run a show. Its really like 4 steps and not that hard though, so please take the music scene into your own hands!

(sliding scale means pay what you want!)

Sat Jan 22nd- RALPHS DINER- This is my LAST show in Worcester before leaving. I am not playing as SFTD, but I am drumming for my good friend COWBOY MATT, who does psychedlic jam band type stuff. ITS AWESOME AND YOU SHOULD GO. We are also playing with THE TICKLEBOMB ORCHESTRA, so you should totally go. Cause they are awesome. Facebook event HERE


cya round!



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