Dec 3rd 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates! I haven't had much time for anything due to driving through frozen tundra to the very top of michigan. Like, look across the lake to see Canada top of michigan. Its nuts.

Yes, I know all my friends from michigan are laughing at me because to them like 2 snowflakes fell, but we were in our little car driving north being all "are we gonna die?"

So anyways, I have been on tour with Sounds Like Funeral Music and my buddy Alex who runs The Dirty Gerund, and the tour has had its ups and downs but overall been awesome. Myself, and Carlos (the drummer for SLFM) have been backing Alex while he busts out some crazy spoken word. Its been a really great growing experience for me, because there havent been many instances where I get to JUST play guitar (without singing) in my life. Previously, I played guitar for Dental Plan for awhile, and every time I do I get to kind of just concentrate on guitar, and its pretty great.

That whole paragraph might have made no sense because I am in a car balancing a little tiny laptop on a bag while we drive through Wisconsin (I think) and making any of my words make sense is difficult. The point is, last night I played guitar with an amazing drummer while Alex made up crap and I made up crap for about an hour and it was great.

I really can't put together a coherant string of words at all in any way shape or form.

At All. More coherant update to come. I am so tired (I switched it up, I put it at the end this time)


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