Dec 24th 2010

Its been a little while since I posted this. Its getting to be the end of the year and three days ago I got off the road from pretty much about 6 months of touring. Holy crap. Sure there was a day off here, a week off here, but most of the time it was just getting prepared to go out again with a different band.

This year has been pretty nuts. The past few tours have been amazing: I gotta thanks Sound in Stone, Shane Hall, Sounds Like Funeral Music, The Fierce Urgency of Now, Dave Magario, Nemes, Sweet Hollow Drive, Alex Charalambides and Surrounding Ships for great times on the road all over. I have been as far north as (almost) Canada, as far west as Minneapolis, and as far south as florida. I am very excited for next year to go even further.

I have three more shows to play before the end of the year, if you are near any of them please check it out!

Monday Dec 27th- The Dirty Gerund @ Ralphs Rock Diner

Every monday night a few friends of mine put on this crazy awesome poetry variety show at Ralphs in Worcester. Some of you may have heard me talk about it before, but its worth mentioning again. It is a poetry open mic with a backing improv band (jazz/funk/punk/noise/whatever), a poetry feature, a visual artist, and a gameshow section at the end. I am featuring this monday night as a musical guest and get to play two sets. I am really excited about the line-up I have backing me for this show, its gonna be pretty spectacular. Also, if you happened to catch Alex Charl when he was on tour with me, and you liked what he did, you should stop by and check it out because he runs the show! Heres a video of him doing his thing:

This event is FREE but they pass the hat! its also 21+ sorry kids! more info HERE

Tuesday Dec 28th- The New Wave Cafe, New Bedford, MA w/ Sarah Donner!

So awhile back I played this show with this chick. Shes awesome. Imagine a really attractive musician female version (real life) megaman. Ok. Now imagine she writes really awesome poppy folk songs. Ok, now imagine she loves cats that are almost as cute as her. You now have Sarah Donner. We always miss each other on the "hey we should play shows together" deal cause I tour a lot, she does a lot, etc, but a great promoter by the name of Transient Authority is putting on a show featuring her, I happen to be home, and he is willing to let me hop on. Sounds good to me! Shows at 7:00 and you can get more info HERE

Wednesday Dec 29th- The Oxford VFW

This is going to be a great show! My long time friend Zack Cappoli put together a band called Here Come The Heroes, and they are hosting it. My also long time friend Erin's punk band The Clozapines are playing, and this is the first time I will be seeing my bros in Nemes (they have two awesome new members) in 3 or 4 months. Its the only all ages show I am playing in the area, so please spread the word and show up! Check out more info HERE



Since I have taken the past few months touring all over the place, I am taking a break to get caught all up on songwriting and internet stuff. I know my websites haven't been all up to date, and this probably isn't that great of a thing. I looked around for awhile for a place to go for January, and the folks down in Fresh Brewed (Myrtle Beach, SC) have given me the oppourtunity to go and work down there to save some money while I record, and hook me up with some recording. So all of january I am going to be in South Carolina! I am really excited. Fresh Brewed is this really great faith based coffee shop where everyone is really nice, so I am excited to work with these people!

Tours will be announced when I update the whole website. But for now, I am going out with Sounds Like Funeral Music and Halfway to Avalon early febuary, and Surrounding Ships till April. In the middle there somewhere I am doing a solo tour up and down the west coast so get stoked and get in touch with me if you want to help me put together show near you! (

Finally, I released a new EP! This has three live tracks from my last tour, songs I wanted to get out (mainly for my family) but I will be re-recording them for the new CD. So please check it out if you want, the Grandmothers and mothers and brothers EP. Feel free to download it! As always, all my music is available for suggested donation of as little or as much as you want!

Also, if you have ever wondered what my music sounds like full band:

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